Boosts welcomed!

Just finished updating the https://pebkac.show website. The #PEBKAC Show is now also available on multiple other platforms (links are in the side panel for #Anchor; #Spotify; #Breaker and #Stitcher). The #selfhosted #RSS feeds are still there, but the statistics show no-one was interested in the #FLAC feed, so I’ve disabled it for now to save bandwidth and storage space.

But I have a #question: The technology moves so quickly, that I’m certain I wont be able to cover enough in a single once per month episode. What do you think?


@nick IMHO I think if you're going weekly, you kind of risk to feel forced to fill the gaps when things are more still. But if the monthly episode is going to be too much, a mid-month episode sounds nice.

@Jojonintendo Interesting. Good point. I'll think about that :)

@nick i chose weekly cos i would love to be able to listen that often, but honestly don't force yourself to a schedule and just do what is comfortable.

Some months might be slower than others on the news/tech front and forcing a schedule can only lead to lower quality shows overall and on the extreme end even burnout in relation to doing them.

I hope that makes sense, i'm really looking forward to the next podcast !

@hreikin another good point!